Me in 1984 at my last year at bording school. Winding my fathers Yashica 12, that very camera I still have, it has been repaired and serviced now after some 54 years of usage...It can now be used again, that camera started it all for me.
When ever I can I bring my camera along, looking for that special light or interesting place.
I like stopping little moments in time.

Grew up in Esbjerg at west jutland Denmark, was born in Århus east jutland, lived a few years here and there after school, copenhagen and vejle, moved permanently to Århus where I was born, some plus 20 years ago with my wife and two of my three kids.

Use: Nikon Nikkormat FT-2 and Nikon F80, Minolta X-500, Yashica 12, Contax RTS, Minolta AF-C, Mamiya 1000 DTL, Gossen Lunasix F lightmeter.

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